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1. Prophetic Meaning - The prophetic ministry that helps people with their spirituality. Their Christian pastors help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through articles and videos. A Christian prophetic ministry that gives prophecy to clients from around the world. The site has informative articles about Christianity, spirituality, and religion. - Detail

2. Psychic Elements - Psychic Elements offers authentic psychic reading and psychics are carefully evaluated and selected to help client with the best information to enhance their lives. - Detail

3. Fox Ventures - Christian books by Larry Fox include topics about biblical repentance, identifying one's God-given nature and purpose, developing an interdependent relationship with God, biblical self-defense. All books available internationally in paperback and e-book. - Detail

4. Bonpounou Gospel - Wow Gospel Music -Black Gospel Music - Haiti Gospel Music - A christian website that is enjoyed by many individuals across the world. Offers a variety of gospel songs which are songs not only in English, but Spanish, French, Haitian creole and also in other languages. Welcomes all to learn about the word of God. - Detail

5. Interfaith Harmony the Way - Interfaith harmony and peace the only solution. - Detail

6. Christian Web Directory - A web directory of Christian sites that contain resources for the Christian community, pastors, and anyone that wants to learn about God, Christianity, and Jesus Christ. - Detail

7. Modern Chakra Meditation and Eastern Philosophy - Modern Chakra looks at meditation and eastern philosophy through the filter of the Western World. Combining best practices of Eastern Philosophy, like meditation, yoga, positive thinking with the western lifestyle for benefit. - Detail

8. Christian Resources Today - Christian Resources - Bible study online articles, free Bible story coloring pages, Christian music videos, quotes, biblical meaning of numbers and names, martyrs, testimony videos and more. - Detail

9. Masters of Divinity - Covers a wide variety of subjects all relating to masters in divinity degrees. Subjects include, career paths, potential salaries, scholarships, and colleges offering programs. - Detail

10. Accredited Online Bible Universities - Contains articles about bible colleges, with a focus on specific schools offering degree programs at a variety of levels. - Detail

11. Psychics - One of America's most exclusive communities of psychics offering meaningful insights, practical advice and personalized support by phone. Also, provide a deeper understanding of events and activities happening in life. Browse our list of available Psychics and get a live psychic reading or tarot reading. - Detail

12. Yoga Retreats and Yoga Teacher Training - Have a Yoga holiday at an Ashram in India or learn advanced Yoga postures in a teacher training. enjoy strengthening your body in Yoga's country of origin. - Detail

13. Wycliffe Associates International Volunteer Organization - Wycliffe Associates International Volunteer Organizations. Exciting opportunities for mission vacations, Christian mission trips, and volunteer work overseas. 1-800-THE-WORD. - Detail

14. Da Vinci Code Truth - Is Jesus God, is the Bible true, was Jesus married, are there lost books of the bible, what is the Holy Grail, find answers to these and many more questions at the truth about da vinci. - Detail

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