Sweden Embassies and Consulates Directories

Sweden Embassies and Consulates List

1. Australia - Canberra - Embassy of Sweden in Canberra, with contact details for the consulates in Adelaide, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, as well as for those in New Zealand in Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. - Detail

2. Belgium and NATO - Embassy of Sweden to Belgium and the Swedish Mission to NATO. Describes the Swedish-MATO Partnership-for-Peace relationship. - Detail

3. Estonia - Tallinn - Includes contact information for the Embassy of Sweden in Tallinn, and also for the Honorary Consulate of Sweden in Narva. - Detail

4. European Union - Brussels - Permanent Representation of Sweden to the European Union, Sweden's largest mission abroad, which functions as a miniature version of the Government Offices in Stockholm, representing all the home ministries. - Detail

5. Greece - Athens - Embassy of Sweden in Athens, Greece, representing the Government of Sweden in Greece and promoting relations between Sweden and Greece. - Detail

6. Hong Kong - Consulate General of Sweden in Hong Kong, also accredited to Macau, responsible for consular assistance to the 900 Swedish residents in the two territories. - Detail

7. Hungary - Budapest - Includes a detailed description of the role of the Defence Department at the Embassy of Sweden in Budapest, with more in Swedish and Hungarian. - Detail

8. Iceland - Reykjavik - Embassy of Sweden in Reykjavik, with information about Sweden and about the consular services of the Embassy. - Detail

9. Israel - Jerusalem - Consulate General of Sweden in Jerusalem, covering Jerusalem, as well as the West Bank and Gaza strip. - Detail

10. Israel - Tel Aviv - Explains how the Trade Section at the Embassy of Sweden in Tel Aviv can assist local and Swedish export companies. - Detail

11. Japan - Tokyo - Includes a summary of the role of the Science and Technology Office in the Embassy of Sweden in Tokyo, which facilitates cooperation in research and development. - Detail

12. Kenya - Nairobi - Embassy of Sweden in Nairobi, accredited to Kenya and the Federal Islamic Republic of Comoros, and also covering Burundi, Rwanda, The Seychelles, Somalia, and Southern Sudan. - Detail

13. Lithuania - Vilnius - Swedish Embassy in Vilnius, with information about the embassy, obtaining visas, a calendar of cultural events, and a list of related links. [Swedish, English, Lithuanian] - Detail

14. Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur - Located in Kuala Lumpur. Provides consulates, consular, commercial affairs, and news. - Detail

15. Netherlands - The Hague - Includes the office hours of and a staff list for the Embassy of Sweden in the Hague. - Detail

16. Norway - Oslo - Embassy of Sweden in Oslo, Norway. Includes information on how to apply for a visa or work and residence permit, and information about the Embassy, with more in Swedish. - Detail

17. Poland - Warsaw - Includes information about the Swedish Embassy in Warsaw, obtaining visas, a calendar of events, and a list of related links. - Detail

18. Serbia - Belgrade - Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade, with information about Swedish activities in Serbia, and more in Swedish. - Detail

19. Singapore - Embassy of Sweden in Singapore, and also accredited to Brunei. Offers information related to the embassy, Swedish-Sing and Swedish-Brunei relations. - Detail

20. South Korea - Seoul - With Swedish visa and business information, and contact details for the embassy in Seoul, and the consulates in Pusan, Taegu, and Taejon. - Detail

21. Tanzania - Dar es Salaam - Embassy of Sweden in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, explaining the Sweden-Tanzani Development Cooperation Strategy. - Detail

22. Thailand - Bangkok - Embassy of Sweden in Bangkok, Thailand. Includes information about the Trade Section. - Detail

23. Turkey - Ankara - Embassy of Sweden in Ankara. Links to facts about studying in Sweden. - Detail

24. United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi - Embassy of Sweden in Abu Dhabi, accredited to the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Qatar. - Detail

25. United Nations - Geneva - Permanent Mission to the United Nations and to other international organizations in Geneva. - Detail

26. United Nations - New York - Permanent Mission of Sweden to the United Nations, working as constructively as possible in support of the purposes and principles of the UN. Offers information on internship for Swedish citizens. - Detail

27. United States - New York - With information from the Consulate General of Sweden on visas, passports, and assistance that can be rendered to Swedish citizens in the United States. - Detail

28. United States - Washington DC - Embassy of Sweden in Washington. Includes a brief history of Swedish-American diplomatic relations, and the text of some of the ambassador's speeches. - Detail

29. Vietnam - Hanoi - Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi, representing the Swedish government in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. - Detail

30. Zambia - Lusaka - Embassy of Sweden in Lusaka, describing development cooperation between Sweden and Zambia. - Detail

31. Denmark - Copenhagen - Embassy of Sweden in Copenhagen, with contact information for the consulates in Esbjerg. - Detail

32. India - New Delhi - Embassy of Sweden in New Delhi, accredited to India, Bhutan, the Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Includes a list of staff. - Detail

33. Latvia - Riga - Embassy of Sweden in Riga. Has consular information in English, Swedish and Latvian. - Detail

34. Philippines - Manila - Honorary Consulate General of Sweden in Manila, with information about consular matters for Swedes in the Philippines, and for visitors to Sweden. - Detail

35. Russia - Moscow - Includes information about the Embassy of Sweden in Moscow, consular affairs, calendar of events, list of related links, contact information for consulates of Sweden in the CIS. In English, Russian and Swedish. - Detail

36. Russia - Saint Petersburg - Consulate General of Sweden, Saint Petersburg, with general information about the consulate and related links. In English, Russian and Swedish. - Detail

37. Ukraine - Kyiv - Embassy of Sweden, Kyiv, offering information about Sweden and consular services, and a list of the embassy's senior staff. - Detail

38. United Kingdom - London - Includes contact details for the Swedish consulates in Belfast, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Dover, Edinburgh, Gibraltar, Glasgow, Grimsby, Harwich, Kirkwall, Lerwick, Liverpool, Manchester, Middlesborough, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, St Helier, Southampton, and Stornoway. Also lists forthcoming Swedish cultural events in London. - Detail

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