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1. Foreign Minister of Senegal - Wikipedia - An article about foreign minister of Senegal in Wikipedia. - Detail

2. List of Presidents of Senegal - Wikipedia - List of Presidents of Senegal, links, history, and more information at Wikipedia. - Detail

3. Politics of Senegal - Wikipedia - Politics of Senegal related articles and more information in Wikipedia. - Detail

4. Guide to Law Online: Senegal - Law Library of Congress (Library of Congress) - Senegal - The Guide to Law Online is an annotated compendium of sources accessible through the Internet. - Detail

5. Senegal - worldstatesman - Senegal, history, rulers, politics and more. - Detail

6. Elections in Senegal - Results of elections held in Senegal since 1959. - Detail

7. Senegal Central Intelligence Agency - Senegal - Chiefs of State and cabinet members of foreign governments. - Detail

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