Japanese / Japan Social Bookmarking Directories

Japanese / Japan Social Bookmarking List

1. Choix - Japan social bookmarking site in Japanese features articles tweets, news, social bookmarking, sharing and more. - Detail

2. Japan social bookmarking - Yahoo - Japan social bookmarking by Japanes Yahoo provides import bookmark browser, text search, tagging to share with groups. - Detail

3. livedoor Clip - Social Bookmarking - Livedoor Clip Japan social bookmarking in Japanes language. - Detail

4. Hatena Bookmark - Hatena social bookmarking site to store bookmarking for free, season gather news and information on the Internet that everyone bookmarks. - Detail

5. BuzzURL Japanese social bookmarking - Buzzurl (Bazaar) is a social bookmarking turn them into a wonderful collection of daily news and information check - Detail

Japanese / Japan Social Bookmarking Directory - Detail

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