Denmark Embassies and Consulates Directories

Denmark Embassies and Consulates List

1. Sweden - Embassy of Sweden in Copenhagen. - Detail

2. Russia - The embassy of the Russian federation in Denmark. - Detail

3. Embassy of Romania - The embassies of Romania in Copenhagen, Denmark. - Detail

4. Poland - The embassy of the Republic of Poland in Copenhagen, Denmark. - Detail

5. Netherlands - Netherlands Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark - Detail

6. Embassy of Japan in Denmark - The official site of the embassy of Japan in Denmark. - Detail

7. Embassy of Iran in Copenhagen, Denmark - The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Copenhagen, Denmark. - Detail

8. The Embassy Of Indonesia in Denmark - Indonesian Embassy in Denmark. - Detail

9. Embassy of India in Copenhagen, Denmark - Includes a mini portal on Indian economy, tourism, science and technology, government, business, news, India-Denmark relations and links to Denmark. - Detail

10. Ghana Embassy in Denmark - Embassy of Ghana in Scandinavia, Denmark. Den ghanesiske Ambassade. - Detail

11. Estonian Embassy in Copenhagen - Includes contact information for the Estonian Embassy in Copenhagen, and also for the Honorary Consulates in rhus, Holsteinborg, and Bornholm. In English, Danish and Estonian. - Detail

12. Australian Embassy - Official website of Australian embassy in Denmark. - Detail

13. Embassy of Belgium Copenhagen - Official site of the Embassy of Belgium in Copenhagen. - Detail

Denmark Embassies and Consulates Directory - Detail

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